WOD, Fran time, AMRAP, ATG, and other terms are frequently used by cross fit enthusiasts. So, what does all of it mean? Be a sport and check that out, won’t you? In this piece, we focus on the why. Should you really get all entangled in cross fit? What are the benefits?

Being an enthusiastic weight lifter, I was a skeptic and would never find myself engaging in all that cross fit talk. A friend gave me a free pass for a seven days and even though I mentioned it was wasted in me as I would never last the entire week – out of boredom, I said – they persisted. Well, I ate humble pie. Oh, and they never miss the chance to remind me of my skepticism.

So, is cross fit for you?

  • Do you Love Community?

If you nodded, then you would have lots of fun in cross fit. Not entirely true, as most of the time you would probably be close to tears, but at least you would have a bunch of other crybabies to steer you.  You will hurt physically too – nothing too bad that you would need a Personal injury attorney. Just enough pain to remind you of your body’s strength.

  • Do you like a Challenge?

WOD – Work Out of the Day – changes every day and most of the time, it is in honor of some amazing person who fought in wars for their country or made a sacrifice worth sweating over. When the breakdown is made by leader of the pack and they mention the sacrifices made by the person being honored, you feel obliged to get it done, just to honor their memory. You can cry all you want later, but just get it done first. After it’s done, you will marvel at your strength.

  • Results Galore

In cross fit, everyone is all about the results. How far can you push your body? Because the workouts are geared towards making the body stronger, the focus is on how strong you get over a certain period of time. If you couldn’t do a single push-up a month ago, are you making progress? Can you do a proper pull-up after four months of going hard?

  • Lifestyle Change is Inevitable

The thing about being surrounded by great looking boys and girls is that you will have to be jealous of their physiques, which will push you to make changes to fit in. Cross fitters are super supportive of each other and so you will feel supported to give up those unnecessary calorie-loaded fries and ice-creams so you can be at par with the rest of the team.

Therapeutic yet Cheaper

If you love the energy that flows in your body after a challenging workout, then you will love being in cross fit. It is like therapy, just cheaper and with better results. You will not only get stronger, but you will also form bonds with like-minded people and challenge yourself to do more that you thought you could. Still a skeptic? You have no idea what you are missing.

The Wonder that is Cross Fit