Thousands of businesses with fleets of vehicles now equip them with electronic tracking devices. The small, unobtrusive tools allow managers to see the exact locations of all vehicles. Using a product such as the LiveViewGPS Car Tracker makes it possible for many companies to increase efficiency, save money, and maximize their resources.

What Is a GPS Car Tracker?

Portable tracking devices that use global positioning system (GPS) technology are known as GPS trackers. The technology relies on a series of specially designed satellites to identify the location of each tracker. Many provide real-time data about a vehicle’s location and speed. The dater can usually be saved and accessed later. Some trackers even have alerts that detect deviations from routes or speed limits. Companies also add GPS devices to vehicles to make it easier to find them if they are stolen.

GPS Trackers Help Businesses Save Time and Money

Many fleets include trackers so that managers can route vehicles as efficiently as possible. They also save gas and time as well as improve customer service. A GPS device can often help office staff direct drivers away from traffic jams or accidents, so they avoid delays. Keeping tabs on vehicle routes helps ensure that employees usually complete tasks within the allotted time, which helps businesses reduce overtime. The data that is received from the devices can reduce downtime by letting managers schedule more efficiently. Installing GPS can even lower insurance costs since some insurers offer discounts as high as 35% for fleets with tracking devices.

Companies Can Optimize Resources

One of the primary reasons that fleet managers use GPS tracking is to maximize the value of their resources. For example, information from GPS devices provides insights on driver behavior, fuel use, and engine idling. Companies often analyze tracking data and use it to reduce idle time, excess fuel consumption, and speeding. Information also allows businesses to alter routes during the day to avoid wasting drivers’ time and minimize unnecessary wear on vehicles.

GPS tracking devices help many businesses efficiently manage fleets of commercial vehicles. The trackers can provide real-time data about critical issues such as location, road hazards, accidents, and even speeding. Companies often use the data to improve efficiency as well as save time and money.

Why Businesses Are Using GPS Devices to Monitor Fleets