Many people consider that abortion is an act that is done because the couple does not want offspring or because of an unexpected pregnancy. But did you know that abortion can also occur because of medical problems? Medical abortion also happens a lot, provided there are medical reasons behind it. What are some reasons in health that require women to have an abortion? Check out the following explanation in full. Or if you need a legal medical consultation about abortion you can find it in “Klinik Aborsi“.

Miscarriage ensured in pregnancy

Most cases of miscarriages are more risky for a woman’s health than abortion. For example, bleeding, infertility, and excessive pain. So when the doctor knows that the pregnancy will experience a miscarriage (with the characteristics of the fetal heartbeat is gone or blood levels drop dramatically), the abortion method is even more recommended to do.

Babies who cannot survive or have severe disabilities

Technology helps medical experts to detect whether something is wrong with a woman’s pregnancy. Through ultrasonic examinations, blood tests, and other methods, pregnant women can find out whether their children are at risk of being born defective or not. If the risk of disability is high enough, doctors usually recommend an abortion. Because if forced to give birth, the baby will also suffer or even immediately die and do not have the opportunity to live for a long time. You can consult a specialist doctor about your pregnancy or consult a ” klinik aborsi jakarta“.

Mother’s health condition

Certain medical conditions that arise during pregnancy may endanger the lives of the mother. The reason could be because of the pregnancy itself or other diseases (such as newly detected cancer). In cases like this, women are also given the choice of whether to keep the fetus in the womb but their own lives are threatened or abortion to save the mother.

Medical abortion is a method that will be offered as an effective method when pregnancy is known to be abnormal. Medical cases that often occur that cause abortions are due to pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), this case is bleeding because the fetus does not enter the uterus, usually occurs under 9 weeks of gestation. Those are some of the medical reasons for having an abortion. Although the doctor advises to carry out the procedure, usually any decision will be yours.

Medical Reasons When Doctors Recommend For Abortion