Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important term when we talk about the digital world. A brand will be easier to find if the brand has a presence in a strong digital world. With the help of Scottsdale SEO Company LinkHelpers by using strong SEO strategies, quality content that you created will not disappear in the vast sea of ​​webs and can appear in Google’s search list.

Some important things you need to know about SEO;

1. Classic SERP vs. Modern SERP

SERP or Search Engine Results Page has now changed compared to previous years. The classic SERP can display 10 results in one search results page while modern SERPs can display less than 10 results but with more complete information. Modern SERP prioritizes the quality of information rather than the accuracy of keywords, this is also based on the fact that Google currently acts more as an answering machine than a search engine.

And then explain that mobile factors are a very important element for SEO today. Now, more searches are done through mobile. Therefore, Google updated their search algorithm and prioritized mobile-friendly sites. In addition, the speed of opening a site is another determining factor in reaching the main position in the SERP.

2. Indexing

Control how Google indexes your site. To do this, you can tell Google not to copy the page to their server using the “NOINDEX” tag. In addition, you can use the “robots.txt” and “sitemap.xml” files.

This is very helpful in filtering out what pages you want to display on Google. So, you can remove your test page, when you say you’re developing a site, or special pages that you don’t want to publish to Google.

3. Accessibility

Google has difficulties in running Client Side Scripts such as JavaScript. So, avoid using excessive JavaScript. In addition, make sure your content is inside the source code so that when JavaScript can’t be loaded, users can still read your content.

4. Site speed

As previously mentioned, responsive sites with loading speed will have high priority in search results. In addition, Google can penalize non-mobile-friendly sites by lowering your site’s ranking.

5. High quality content & keywords

Content optimization and keyword usage are the main strengths of SEO. Now, Google evaluates a site’s page based on the quality of the content they offer to users. One key rule is to find keywords that are often searched for by the market rather than the keywords that you want to push to your users. Back again, Google wants their search results to help users get the information they are looking for.

6. Build the link inside

Links from outside sites can be regarded as a vote for our site in the eyes of Google. This is a very important factor because other metrics can be falsified, but the use of these links is not easy and even impossible to fake. Links from sites that have high rankings illustrate the relevance and importance of your site.

How do you master SEO properly?